It Comes Down to You

It Comes Down to You


A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:

“Should I jump?” Diane asked nobody in particular. The crowd outside was getting larger and their voices could be heard inside the walls of her home; a home she had lived in forever. Standing at the window she saw the people and heard their cheers, while friends and family inside remained quiet. She opened the door and embraced her future.

And more…

How many opportunities cross our path that we miss because we’re home inside and safe? What are the chances that we’ve missed a calling or misunderstood our purpose because we’ve been head down and busy doing what we think we’re supposed to be doing – locked inside a “home” that’s safe, but maybe not big enough for our dream.

It’s amazing how fast time flies and so many of our ideas on how our life should really be have been lost and left behind. The good news is that those dreams are still alive. They don’t die until we say so. Here are a couple of ideas on how to keep the dream alive:

– In every step forward to something new we have to let go of something now. And usually it’s not a dramatic departure from what is; it usually is a mind set, a simple reframing of what’s possible.

– In the what’s possible world lives the wholeness of every dream ever dreamt. In this world we are forever young and optimistic about everything. In this world we can fly.

– If you believe you and your desires can fly, they will lift you to new heights where soaring is common and the view is clear.

Give your dreams another chance to fly. All it takes is faith and an understanding that the world around you wants you to be who you want to be. You’ll be happier and so will everyone else.

It all comes down to you….

Szenippet: All dreams have an equal chance of coming to life. That includes the dream that’s been resting quietly inside you and now needs to fly.


Turn The Page

 Turn The Page

A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:

Each of the ornaments was wrapped carefully and put back into the box. The stuffed Santa that sat next to the fireplace found his way back into the attic to wait for another year to perform his magic. The singing Angels were silenced, the tree was dismantled and all evidence of Christmas were erased, except we did keep the gifts.

 And more…

The party, the pain, the problems and the promise of last year are over. It’s nice to take a little time to reflect on those we lost, and celebrate those that have joined our lives. For this New Year we get a chance to mentally and psychologically reboot. Our minds can stuff the stuff in its memory place and we can leave space for new dreams and adventures that awaken the explorer in all of us.

May this New Year be a blessing to all of you. May you find the peace and the joy you seek and the friends and the love you need to achieve your dreams. May you be asked to solve a problem that you can fix, a question that you can answer and may you enjoy the many smiles and thanks sent to you for simply being you – a vital part of this wonderful life. Thanks for being here.

Happy New Year. Time to turn the page.

Szenippet: The ability to influence another and to help them find their way is a gift we all possess. And when we share, we change the world.



Resolution Reboot

Resolution Reboot

I know you are all busy getting on with your new life in this New Year so I’ll keep it short. The equation for success first involves a look back at our personal wake. Who have we touched and who’s touched us this last year? And we need to ask if we’re a better version of ourselves. These are the seeds of resolution and positive change. Here’s a quick review of where we go from here:

A resolution has two distinct parts: Part one is the thought we create in our minds that helps us visualize a new us. Could be getting rid of a bad habit or inventing a new you. Whatever it is, it starts with a thought.

The second part involves taking action. Nothing happens until we act. And the act of taking action serves to confirm our thoughts on what we want to resolve to happen. This is maybe the hardest part because we tend to want a magic wand manifestation and most things actually take some time to unfold.

From there it is simple or at least the steps are. Here are a few reminders on how it all works:

– Thoughts ignite action (even itsy bitsy steps in the right direction count).

– Action ignites change – what we do with our lives create a new dynamic for us and our relationship with the universe and all its possibilities.

– And those actions in turn create change. We actually move our being into a new pattern. By acting and moving toward our goal we draw resources we need toward us and, this is the cool part, we start to act like we we’ve actually attained the fruits of our thinking. We become what we chose to become.

– Finally, change ignites new thinking. Once we become our original thoughts and arrive with a new and different perspective something happens. We begin to think differently reflecting a new pattern and persona and that fuels even more new dreams and new hope, all of which come to life using the same formula.

I hope you all have a great new year and get whatever it is you set your mind to achieve.

Szenippet: There is nothing like a new year to create a hopeful heart. A heart filled with new purpose and a keen sense of awe for the journey ahead.