Turning the Corner

Turning the Corner

A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:

Phil was being filled with wild visions of success, opportunities and dreams for greatness and encouragement to take the bold next step and sign up for the course. “We guarantee you will succeed!” Phil was feeling caged a bit and yet desperate to change his life. The course, the program and the hype were calling to him. Ready or not…

And more…

Sometimes when we hit a fork in the road we can’t see far enough ahead to determine which is the best path. We deliberate and weigh the options and maybe talk with friends or family and we scrutinize our choices. It sure would be nice to know the future and see where a path might lead us, to see around the corner to the next intersection of where our life and dreams come together.

Sorry, not happening. There is no crystal ball or magic wand to illuminate the future. No absolute full proof decision making mechanism that we can use to project the results for tomorrow based on our actions today. All we can do is believe in ourselves, our dream and our instincts and move toward our goal and whatever happens will happen.

Sometimes like Phil, we don’t want to or can’t take responsibility for the choice. We think a third party can help us decide. Sometimes they help and sometimes not. The truth is that predicting the future is risky business. So many moving parts and people in our lives and outside influences that our choices and dreams get caught up in a vortex of everyone else’s dreams and choices. We end up fighting for space and time that we can own and control. Of course no one can own space or time. So now what?

Here’s what: Dream, choose and let it happen. When we doubt our vision, we negate the energy we need to achieve it. When we believe, we actually add more and more energy to the process. The more we believe, the closer we get, and in spite of the complications of charting a perfect arrival to our destiny, we always manage to get there – Exactly where we wanted; what we thought we would do, we end up doing.

Our belief in ourselves is the act of seeing the future and turning the corner to the life we seek.

Szenippet: When we turn the corner and change our thinking we find a new world of opportunity. Places where chance meet dreams and the only risk is not dreaming big enough.