The Crossing

 The Crossing

A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:

There is a point in the river that is only a hundred meters from the falls. It’s fast and the water is churning violently. It even seems sinister, almost eager to pull you in and gobble you up. But time was running out and she needed to cross. She leapt in, suddenly gone – then re-emerged: stronger and wiser too.

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Some of the decisions we make seem to be like crossing a chasm or rushing river. There is no easy way to get from where we are to where we want to be. Maybe there is, but something is telling us we don’t have the time to wait. We have to act, and act now. We have to take a leap of faith that it will work out. We have to believe in ourselves and take the chance.

We all have had to trust in our inner voice and belief that we could succeed against the odds and so we did. And maybe we did it a few times. We picked up and moved to a new city. We quit the job that once defined us. We told the truth when it really hurt. We moved a mountain to protect a friend, and we found a love that we’d die for. Every time we stayed true to ourselves, we were able to traverse the rapids and make it to the other side. In each case, we reach out for a better version of ourselves, and in that journey we discover what moves us and defines us. Every crossing brings wisdom.

Sometimes though, with time, we opt out of the crossing. We like it where we are, and those things that used to propel us have faded, and we wonder out loud if it’s really worth it to keep striving for something, someone or someplace new. It’s a legit concern and the answer is different for all of us. Whatever you may choose, I hope your crossing to the other side is exactly what you prayed it would be.

Szenippet: Leaps of faith for a noble cause are often rewarded. So the next time you’re unsure, you might take the leap and be surprised at what happens.