The Art of Becoming

The Art of Becoming

Have you ever noticed that some things just happen while others take their sweet old time before they gestate completely? The speed of completion is often correlated to the speed of the decision to make it happen. Correction, not “often”, but rather always correlated to how fast we actually act on something. The sooner we decide, the sooner that decision can take shape.

What keeps us from living in a “snap of our fingers” and stuff just happens world is that we can’t snap until we feel sure. Thinking things through is exclusively a human trait. The rest of the species on the planet just “do” what seems natural. And as a reminder, when we all were children we had this very same innate quality built into our psyche. We just showed up for life and life just happened. The days were filled with discovery, wonder, joy and some occasional pain but none of these feelings ever lasted that long because the next thing to happen took its place. We would spend the days living every moment with vigor until we ran out gas and fell into one of those deep and replenishing sleeps that seems all too rare now as adults.

As adults it’s not that simple to just “be.” We have to be doing something or be going somewhere or be thinking about what the next thing to be will be. The whole process has become time consuming and fraught with way too many options than ever ever before. Decisions now take more time and have to yield positive return, hence we fret and analyze and kick the can down the road until we’re absolutely okay with making the right judgment call. While all of this is taking place, the world at large is charging ahead – and we all struggle to keep up if we can.

Becoming, the act of transformation, is a form of creation. We actually create or recreate ourselves as we choose and with total control of the outcome. The real art of becoming what we choose to become has less to do with our actual goal and everything to do with our belief that we can get there. Confidence, self-assuredness, faith, call it what you will, is what really moves those mountains, and can move obstacles from our path and rally the support of legions of followers and believers. Becoming is a gift that we get to use over and over again because we all are endowed with the ability to create; we were created in the image and likeness of the Creator; It’s in our DNA. Here are a couple of thoughts on tapping into our true potential:

1. Visualize your dream without the thought process of how to get there. Don’t worry about how, just concentrate about what you seek and the “hows” will take care of themselves.

2. Remember that you are worthy of whatever dream you create.

3. Sometimes you might want to put #2 ahead of #1.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help from others. Your asking may fuel and be part of what another wishes to become.

Szenippet: The way the world moves is a reflection on how we all move and think. Every thought from every person impacts what is and becomes part of the whole

The Need to Act

The Need to Act

Have you ever been in a situation or maybe prolonged “season” where things don’t seem to be moving in the right direction? Those times when we feel like we’re maybe going through the motions. We’re not really unhappy, but the bubble over joy we used to experience seems to be out of reach. We maybe even get to feel a bit trapped. We need to mix it up a bit, start something new, clean out the garage, go on trip, change careers, start a new business, write a book – you know the normal stuff. There is a gnawing urge to just act.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to navigate to a new sense of self and get ourselves moving in the right direction:

1. Identify what brought this feeling on. Was it triggered by an event, a fading dream, outside or family pressure to change your life? Did it come right at you or has it been percolating for a while? However it got to now, it took a path. Rewind and connect the dots. Knowing how and why we’re feeling an urge to change can help us make good decisions about what comes next.

2. Once you figure out the “why” then it’s time to think about “what next.” What would pacify that feeling? Whether it’s money, new house, or spouse or fame or pressure from another that’s causing your stress, there will be a corresponding solution. Take a moment to visualize that solution and how exactly it solves the problem.

3.Test your thinking. Sometimes we jump at a solution because it’s available and easy and this can create even more discomfort, or sometimes the solution has so many moving parts that we lose focus on what we’re trying to accomplish. So concentrate on the outcome of your plan and then try to disprove its merits. Challenge your thinking because if we don’t think it through, we could be sorry later.

4. Celebrate the decision. Get excited about your plan of action. Enthusiasm can be a significant driver to success. Just don’t start the parade until you complete number “3”.

5. Hit the reset button. Once we cross over to a new way of thinking we have to maintain that new reality. Be cautious about old habits sneaking in or doubts, about your course of action, getting in the way. It’s your way and if it’s feeling right, it’s right. Good luck and congratulations.

Here are some words of wisdom to help along the journey from Nelson Mandela: “I never lose, I either win or learn.” And finally:
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Szenippet: The day we decide that we are taking charge of our lives is the day when faith triumphs over doubt and our lives really get interesting.

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Working on your Core

In fitness training there are lots of exercises for helping to strengthen our body’s core. Specialists say that core strength is the pillar of our overall health. I agree and another core that’s important is our core values. I believe that identifying and then practicing our core strengths/values is what ultimately defines us.

Core values are those inherent behavioral traits that do not change over time and are at the heart of our own identity. In my work, I help clients to name and rally behind their core values. They are the fuel for defining our vision and purpose. Once identified, we can tap into their power to transform and energize and lead us to whatever our dreams may be. The only caveat is that they cannot be in conflict to the dream or in any way appear inauthentic. Our core values are not just what we say we are, it’s how we demonstrate our true selves and they are the reason for why we’re here and act the way we do.

Core values are not just our personality although personality can influence what we choose as values, nor are they ethics or morals. Core values represent what’s really important to us and fuels our sense of purpose. Here are a couple of ideas to help define yours:

– Can you remember the very best moment of your life? Ask yourself how you navigated to that moment. What decisions did you have to make that instinctively guided you to your greatest moment? Perseverance, hope, faith, confidence, truth, money, success – whatever you had called upon to believe in to achieve that greatest moment, is or was a core value.

– Values change for us over time – Younger times it’s about a career and as we age it’s more about family. Some values never change and they help us make good decisions about everything because when our decisions “feel” right it’s because we are aligned with something inside us that really “knows” us. It’s our inner voice that is speaking the truth.

– I’ll share one of mine that has served me well and I believe is core to my existence. I feel it’s my duty to have a positive impact with all of the people in my life – Family, friends, clients and anybody that could use some winning perspective. Somewhere on my journey I got the hang of it and its brought me more joy than I ever imagined possible.

As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”

Thanks for listening.

Szenippet: What we believe we can become we will become.