Resolution Reboot

Resolution Reboot

I know you are all busy getting on with your new life in this New Year so I’ll keep it short. The equation for success first involves a look back at our personal wake. Who have we touched and who’s touched us this last year? And we need to ask if we’re a better version of ourselves. These are the seeds of resolution and positive change. Here’s a quick review of where we go from here:

A resolution has two distinct parts: Part one is the thought we create in our minds that helps us visualize a new us. Could be getting rid of a bad habit or inventing a new you. Whatever it is, it starts with a thought.

The second part involves taking action. Nothing happens until we act. And the act of taking action serves to confirm our thoughts on what we want to resolve to happen. This is maybe the hardest part because we tend to want a magic wand manifestation and most things actually take some time to unfold.

From there it is simple or at least the steps are. Here are a few reminders on how it all works:

– Thoughts ignite action (even itsy bitsy steps in the right direction count).

– Action ignites change – what we do with our lives create a new dynamic for us and our relationship with the universe and all its possibilities.

– And those actions in turn create change. We actually move our being into a new pattern. By acting and moving toward our goal we draw resources we need toward us and, this is the cool part, we start to act like we we’ve actually attained the fruits of our thinking. We become what we chose to become.

– Finally, change ignites new thinking. Once we become our original thoughts and arrive with a new and different perspective something happens. We begin to think differently reflecting a new pattern and persona and that fuels even more new dreams and new hope, all of which come to life using the same formula.

I hope you all have a great new year and get whatever it is you set your mind to achieve.

Szenippet: There is nothing like a new year to create a hopeful heart. A heart filled with new purpose and a keen sense of awe for the journey ahead.