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Stories of a Lifetime

 Stories of a Lifetime A Sixty-Word SZEN Story: After 50 attempts to start listening to the grind of “eeeeeeeea” it was decided to look under the hood. We tried again with all of us looking at the cold dark engine that refused to turn over and silently wishing we were still in bed, protected from […]

Uncharted Waters

 Uncharted Waters   A Sixty-Word SZEN Story:   The night was absolutely pitch black. Not a star or any ambient light to be found. Paul fumbled in darkness until he guided the key into the lock and opened the door. He felt for the switch, but nothing happened – No light, no power. “What now?” […]

The Art of Becoming

The Art of Becoming Have you ever noticed that some things just happen while others take their sweet old time before they gestate completely? The speed of completion is often correlated to the speed of the decision to make it happen. Correction, not “often”, but rather always correlated to how fast we actually act on […]

The Need to Act

The Need to Act Have you ever been in a situation or maybe prolonged “season” where things don’t seem to be moving in the right direction? Those times when we feel like we’re maybe going through the motions. We’re not really unhappy, but the bubble over joy we used to experience seems to be out […]

Welcome to SZEN ZONE

Working on your Core In fitness training there are lots of exercises for helping to strengthen our body’s core. Specialists say that core strength is the pillar of our overall health. I agree and another core that’s important is our core values. I believe that identifying and then practicing our core strengths/values is what ultimately […]